Expect higher standards with better outcomes.

As an IASN member, you can expect the following from our network:

  • Greater leverage in negotiating higher rates and other payment arrangements, such as pay for performance plans, with health plans. Stand alone facilities have less ability to negotiate and influence these rates and plans.
  • Educational and other resources to help your facility staff better understand how to maximize the payment components of the contracts, and to learn from other members regarding adoption of best practices and improving performance metrics.
  • Innovative funding opportunities.
  • Expanded opportunities to accept more post-acute patients from hospitals as a result of contracts with multiple health plans. Health plans may be reluctant to contract with a single facility, but will be more receptive to a Network.


Discover how your organization can be a part of a network designed to support senior care services in Iowa.

Maximize reimbursement and obtain pay for performance plans.

Achieve higher reimbursement rates negotiated by the Network

Expand transitional care/short term admissions.

Negotiate payment incentives tied to quality and utilization incentives.

IASN has contracted with Strategic Health Care who will be responsible for contract negotiations, health systems relationships and educational resources for member facilities; credentialing and administrative support.